Swisatec Architects have pioneered innovative and green architecture since 2009. Our deeply-rooted architectural and environmental convictions guide our designs and we work confidently and collaboratively in a manner appropriate to each client's needs, ambitions and budget.

We take great pride in our adaptability throughout the design process. The size of our practice has allowed us to gain a breadth of experience from projects in a variety of sectors while maintaining an intimate connection to the development of each design.


Village & Urban Design

We develop spaces with a village-concept in today’s fast growing world where urban areas expand vigorously.

We make it our responsibility to not only just build environmentally conscious, but also to design spaces that are multi-dimensional. Every space needs to have a human touch – it needs to have life. That is why we are devoted to the 'live-work-and-play’ design.


Green Building, Modern Living Spaces

Our building designs are based on the following characteristics, to be environmentally friendly, energy efficient and give people a feeling of well-being.