Green Design and Regenerative Architecture

Sustainability is the current 'it' word in the architecture world, however, do we all practice what we preach? The dialogue surrounding climate change, global warming and the need for conservation is foremost on our minds although what it all means versus what can be done about it seems to be a somewhat more elusive issue.

South Africa is starting to move wit the worldwide trend of eco-architecture. The days when the architectural demands were to create a structure that is bigger, better and more impressive are in the past. The future is the use of green technology and regenerative qualities that uses fewer resources and has a minimal impact on surroundings.

The role of the architect has been shifted to not only provide sustainable value to the client but to also encourage environmental sustainability that can best be applied to the project/s.

"Swisatec Architects specialise in European design and quality, green building and sustainability. Our focus is the client and to provide a service that would ego our standards." says head architect Dirk Cillier (Pr Arch).

The company is the proud designer of Africa's first multi-billion 6-star Green Village and is well known for their innovative environmentally friendly approach and pioneering design. "We commit to designing structures that will stand out and will save energy and generate value." proclaims Swisatec's Director Mr. Reichmuth.

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