Swisatec is a property development and management company.


The Company

We develop spaces with a village-concept in today’s fast growing world where urban areas expand vigorously.

We make it our responsibility to not only just build environmentally conscious, but also to design spaces that are multi-dimensional. Every space needs to have a human touch – it needs to have life. That is why we are devoted to the 'live-work-and-play’ design.

Our building designs are based on the following characteristics, to be environmentally friendly, energy efficient and give people a feeling of well-being.


Creating a holistic living space

A successful village design means to live in comfort and harmony with your surroundings. Thus we believe and implement the car-free-living concept that creates more green zones, outdoor activities and better views.

Every part of the picture has an effect on the whole. Simple things such as insulated double glazing, sealed windows and doors, noise protected apartments and solar powered systems are standard implementations to create a greener system and a comfortable living space.

It is a high standard of building and our way of creating a holistic living space.


European standards

Swisatec originated in Switzerland and we take pride in our origin. High-end technology and simplicity is our passion. For us it is a non-negotiable standard that foundations such as sanitation and electrical structures, are of a first world standard.


Our Philosophy

Our integrity, code of ethics, use of quality products and honest approach will secure us a life-long customer satisfaction and a bright future.



We supply a full range of services around the property industry for our customers.

Sales  –  Rental    Investment  –  Administration  –  Maintenance  

Swisatec partners with other organisations to provide the highest level of quality service to our customers.