Swisatec: Energy Saving Design

Double Glazed Windows:

Double glazing in South Africa is a clever way to reduce heating and cooling costs as well as energy with less effort. The windows will relieve the pressure off heating and cooling systems such as air conditioners,fans and heaters ,making it an eco-friendly window treatment. The amount of energy and costs these windows save make it worth the investment.

Double-glazed windows use two sheets of glass with a slight gap in between them, which creates an insulating barrier.The space between the glass panes can be filled with either a vacuum (quite rare nowadays because they require excellent sealing, otherwise the vacuum diminishes so the efficiency decreases), or a heavy inert gas such as Argon, Krypton or Xenon.

Benefits of installing double glazing: 

  • Warmth in winter: great method of insulation and reduces up to 50-70% heat loss. Additionally, it captures and stores natural heat from the winter sun to keep your house warm inside.
  • Cooler summers: insulation blocks some of the heat from the harsh summer sun and prevents it from entering your house.
  • Reduces energy usage: significant drop in energy consumption from heating and cooling systems. Environmentally friendly.
  • Reduces condensation: if your house is considerably old, then condensation is an issue. Condensation creates perfect environment for mould growth and mildew plus the timber from the windows begins to rot. This can prove to be a hazard for the family’s well-being. Double glazing prevents excess moisture from building up on your window panes.
  • Reduces noise: it acts as a sound proofing system and provides a more peaceful living environment and cuts down noise pollution by at least 60%. The peace of mind factor is worth all the money alone.
  • Enhances resale value: for a very small investment, the value of your house will be significantly increased, even if your house is old. Old or new, both kinds of homes can enjoy the benefits of energy saving from double glazing windows.
  •  Reduces interior fading: a special type of glass can reduce the damage on drapes, carpet and furniture from UV light.

 Energy supply and demand in South Africa is a point of concern. The point to take from this article is that green living principles are the future of energy saving initiatives. If you want all the benefits that double glazing windows in South Africa can supply, then it is also highly recommended to properly insulate the house too.

Thermal insulation works well in reducing heat loss and gain and in turn reducing energy consumption and costs. According to research, without insulation your home/building loses 40% through the roof alone. Please note that heat is lost through walls and windows too.


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