Swisatec: Blue Rock Village Award Winners!

We are proud to announce that Swisatec Architects will be honoured at the Africa & Arabia Property Awards at The JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, Dubai on the 7th September for their project Blue Rock Village – Giovanni Luxury Terrace Apartments. Swisatec Architects is placed among the best property professionals and is recognised in the Best Residential Development & Development Marketing categories.

The International Property Awards has been an ongoing prestige accolade awarded to the best in their respective fields for the past 26 years. The Africa & Arabia Property Awards are judged by an independent panel of 70 industry experts. Judging focuses on design, quality, service, innovation, originality, and commitment to sustainability.

The judging panel is chaired by Lord Caithness, Lord Best, The Earl of Liverpool, and Lord Thurso, members of the House of Lords in the UK Parliament.

Swisatec Architects and Blue Rock Village is confidently setting new standards and is internationally recognised for innovative, sustainable design without compromise on comfort and luxury. “We are creating homes which are fully insulated to enhance the level of well-being and through centralised climate control we guarantee comfortable living” says Mr. Reichmuth director of Swisatec Architects.

Swisatec Architects specialize in home technique (designing with latest technology and modern methods in mind) and is currently involved in several projects throughout the Western Cape, South Africa.

“This award is a true reflection of our attention to detail and our enthusiastic approach to all our projects “explains William Pienaar (Project Coordinator & Sale Manager).

“Blue Rock Village is being recognised worldwide due to our unique Car-Free Living approach and for striving to achieve the ultimate 6 star green rating from The Green Building Council ”says Kelly Cook (Marketing).

For more details visit the Swisatec website (www.swisatec.co.za) and Blue Rock Village (www.bluerockvillage.co.za) 

Tel: (+27) 21 300 1722